Global companies set sights on India's e-commerce market

The Hindu Business Line

Indian e-commerce companies may run into more competition in the months ahead with global entities such as Alibaba, Rakuten and Walmart seriously eyeing the Indian market.

Founded by two ex-Amazon employees Sachin and Binny Bansal, Flipkart has been changing its formats and strategy over the last year with Amazon’s entry.

Dick Smith's IPO to open opportunities for investors in Australian electronics business

Australia's largest retailer of consumer electronics products announced plans of listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Dick Smith Holdings Limited (Dick Smith) lodged the prosecutes for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on Thursday.

Based on a share price of AUD2.20 per share, the company expects the offering to raise AUS344.5 million (USD).

Starbucks to roll out 800 new stores, add over 18000 employees in China for next 3 years

The Wall Street Journal Online

After nearly 14 years of working to persuade China to buy into its foreign coffee culture, Starbucks Corp. is aiming to become more Chinese as it plans a rapid expansion in the country.

Belinda Wong, president of Starbucks China, said in an interview that Starbucks aims to roll out 800 new stores in the next three years to add to its existing fleet of 700. Over that period it will increase the number of employees to more than 30,000 from the current 12,000.

Global Retail Theft Barometer Study finds shrinkage in Japan is the 2nd-highest in the world

According to the fifth annual edition of the Global Retail Theft Barometer, retail shrinkage rate in Japan is 1.04 percent of sales, the third-lowest in the world. However, this rate was up 4 percent compared to the previous year. The total shrinkage amount – profit loss due to customer and employee theft, supplier/vendor fraud and administrative errors – in Japan reached JPY774  billion (USD9.96b), the second-highest worldwide, representing almost 53 percent of the total sum in the Asia-Pacific.

Asian labour activists team up to press wage claims


Labour leaders behind the biggest strikes in Cambodia's USD5 billion garment industry knew last year they had a strong case for higher wages: they had already compared notes with activists in neighbouring countries.

The result was a 25 percent increase in the minimum pay for an estimated 600,000 garment workers, to USD100 a month, the biggest jump in around 15 years. Now, they're asking for more.

Apple's Cook stresses need to make workforce more diverse


Apple Inc on Tuesday released a report on employee diversity, and its numbers are similar to those of other Silicon Valley companies, prompting Chief Executive Tim Cook to say there is still work to be done.

The employee survey comes on the heels of recent reports from technology companies Google Inc and Twitter Inc, but it is unique in one significant way. It alone is accompanied by letter from a company CEO, in which Cook stresses the company's commitment to being "innovative in advancing diversity."

Minimum wage set to rise 15pc in Vietnam

Viet Nam News

The National Wage Council of Vietnam will ask the Prime Minister for an average increase of 15.1 percent in region-based minimum wages next year.

Regional minimum wages are now decided by the council, which was established last year. It provides an equal voice to the Government, employers' organisations and trade unions. If approved, the wages would be applied to every private sector company, business, co-operative, farm, household, individual and organisation that hires people.

Carrefour Supermarkets deploy fingerprint recognition terminals for access control

Retail in Asia

Carrefour Supermarkets in Istanbul will be using a fingerprint recognition terminal for access control and time and attendance management.

The technology from Suprema Inc., BioEntry Plus, is a distributed IP system terminal with the high level security provided by biometrics. The system provides efficient management of access control and time and attendance for the more than 5,000 employees working at stalls located across the country.

Chinese employers to hire more in Q3, survey shows

Shanghai Daily

More Chinese employers will expand recruitment in the third quarter, and demand for junior workers outpaced that for middle-level management, online recruitment portal said on Tuesday.

The website found 88.5 percent respondents said they will hire more staff in the third quarter than they did in the same period of last year, nearly 10 percentage points more than the survey last year, according to a survey covering 21,173 employers conducted between April and June.

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