Taking Stock: Understanding the current retail challenges in HK and China

Retail in Asia

Chinese consumer demand has not been affected by the gloomy global economic situation – it is still blooming and boosting the retail sector in Hong Kong and China. Retailers are competing with each other to open their shops first in both markets and are facing many new challenges that they have not experienced before. Retail in Asia recently caught up with retail expert, Jonathan Moore, head of property- Asia from EC Harris, to learn about the current retail challenges – from property issues to consumer behaviour.

Microsoft appoints new head of phone group

The Malaysian Insider

Microsoft Corp appointed a new head for its mobile phone software group on Monday, as the company continues to search for ways to extend its dominance in the PC market to the fast-growing and highly-competitive smartphone business.

Microsoft Windows Phone Division president Andy Lees, who has led the phone group since 2009, will take a new role at the company that involves working with the company’s phone and PC businesses, according to a letter to employees sent by CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday.

Taking Stock: Tapping into digital marketing and social media networking for best marketing practice

Social media allows two-way communication between brands and their consumers. How can brands fully unitise the new media and tap into digital marketing for better marketing practice? Kristen Boschma, head of Digital and Social Media of Haystac, a marketing and communication company in Australia recently talks to Retail in Asia about her top tips for brands… and how she helped a client obtain over 19 million twitter impressions in just one campaign!

MasterCard Worldwide announces new marketing head for SE Asia

MasterCard Worldwide yesterday announced the appointment of a new head of marketing for Southeast Asia.

Pizza Hut India gets new marketing head


Sunay Bhasin has recently been appointed as the new Marketing Head of Pizza Hut for Indian subcontinent. He succeeds Anup Jain, who is now head of Marketing and Food Innovation for Pizza Hut, Australia.

Bhasin will be responsible for all marketing and brand related public relation activities for Pizza Hut in India.

Taking Stock: Mobile payments are a reality today, says Visa

Retail in Asia

Many Asian retailers may have questions about mobile payments: How do mobile payments work? What is the latest technology available? … And when will mobile payments become a reality? Bill Gajda, head of Global Mobile Product, Visa Inc. tells Retail in Asia: Visa mobile payments are a reality today. He also addresses many retailers' questions about the latest payment method and talks about Visa's experience and strategy in this area.

Synovate launches mobile research solutions globally

Top four global custom market research firm Synovate has announced the global launch of its mobile market research capabilities, including its SMS/text, mobile online surveys and application development, and has also appointed Thomas Edwards as the global head of mobile research solutions.

HMV hires Comet's Ewan Pinder as head of technology

Retail Week

HMV has appointed Comet head of merchandising and store development Ewan Pinder as its head of technology.

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Levi's appoints head of women's merchandising and design


Denim giant Levi's has appointed Laurie Etheridge as global head of women's merchandising and design.

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Tapping China's insatiable desire for luxury


Greater China may represent a significant portion of sales for leading luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Bulgari, but Aaron Fischer, regional head of consumer research at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, believes Hong Kong-listed retailers are better positioned to capture the mainland’s demand for high-end merchandise.

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