Electric vehicles to swamp Indian & Chinese markets

The Financial Express

With Reva already having made an entry in the Indian electric-car market and GM and Renault having it in their pipeline, electric vehicles (EVs) may become major market players in emerging markets of India and China.

24 billion less plastic bags since China's nationwide ban

Economic Observer

According to a report released by the National Development and Reform Commission in May, the Chinese central government's introduction of a nationwide ban on the free provision of plastic bags in major supermarkets three years ago, has resulted in 24 billion less plastic bags being produced, which is estimated to have reduced plastic consumption by over 600,000 tonnes.

New Japanese Android App makes international calls cheaper

Japan Retail News

Thanks to the recently released Arrowfone VOIP app by Namzak Labs Inc., Android mobile phone users can now make international calls from Tokyo to most major countries at just a fraction of the existing cost. The initial release of Arrowfone is aimed at the Japanese market and runs on Android versions 2.2 and 2.3. Limited delivery of beta versions has commenced.

Namzak Labs' affiliated company, Namzak Japan Inc., located in Tokyo and established by CEO Daniel Fukumoto, has signed several sales agreements with several distributors.

HK computer fairs to lure buyers with bargains


Hong Kong will host two major computer fairs this month, with bargains on offer for as little as HKD1 (USD0.13).

The incentives will be offered at both the Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai and at the Computer Mall Festival in Sham Shui Po.

China drives up profit at BMW

The Wall Street Journal Online

BMW AG said on Tuesday that its second-quarter net profit more than doubled due to booming demand for luxury cars in major markets such as China.

The German vehicle manufacturer's net profit jumped to EUR1.8 billion (USD2.57 billion), compared with EUR831 million in the same period a year earlier. Revenue rose 17 percent to EUR17.89 billion from EUR15.35 billion.

PPR beats forecasts, pulled by luxury brands


French retail and luxury group PPR on Friday posted forecast-beating first-half sales and profits, pulled by the strong growth of its luxury brands in major markets such as China.

The owner of Fnac retail chain and Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci luxury brands posted recurring operating income of EUR749 million (USD1.08 billion) on revenues of EUR7.22b for the six months to 30 June.

Hermès opens 1st major flagship store in India


French luxury house Hermès inaugurated on Wednesday its first major flagship store in India, in the heart of Mumbai. The Hermès store is housed within a beautiful Victorian building, with a corner location in Horniman Circle, steps from the historical Fort area.

It is the first international luxury brand to open a street level stand alone store in Mumbai, most other international luxury brands being situated within malls and shopping galleries within hotels.

CEO Talking Shop: Taking a "e-slice" out of China's online luxury market

With so many millions of shoppers online, how do you win the Chinese consumers' hearts when it comes to luxury products? Seeing the country's strong demand for luxury products and the growth potential of Business to Customer (B2C) commerce, Francis Gouten and his partner Remi Chabrat launched a luxury e-commerce website The Luxury Club (TLC) in June. With more than 35 years of experience in the luxury business, Francis Gouten is well-connected with all major players in the luxury market from distribution to real estate.

Flagship stores set stage for big battles in Taiwan's mobile market


Amid great fanfare, Taiwan's three major mobile operators yesterday opened flagship stores in the bustling Xinyi District of Taipei, setting the stage for intensified competition in which operators will amass users with low rates and advanced services.

Taking Stock: How to enhance your retail efficiency and customer service with hi-tech supply chain tools

When it comes to retailing, there are many potential issues and problems that can turn a profitable business into one that is struggling to stay afloat. To stay competitive, one very important consideration is of course improving your customer's overall experience whilst maintaining optimum stock management efficiency in store. Retail in Asia caught up with Andrew Tay, president of Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific to find out just how retail efficiency and customer experience can be improved by starting with the inventory.

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