Apple hikes 1Q11 iPhone shipment target to 20-21m units


Apple has raised the global shipment goal for its iPhones for first-quarter 2011 from 19 million units originally to 20-21 million units, according to sources with Taiwan-based component suppliers.

Global iPhone shipments in fourth-quarter 2010 are estimated at 15.5 million units, resulting in a total of 47 million units for the entire 2010, the sources said.

IPhone adds USD1.9b to US-China trade deficit

The Wall Street Journal Online

One widely touted solution for current US economic woes is to produce more of the high-tech gadgets that the rest of the world craves.

Yet two academic researchers have found that Apple Inc.'s iPhone – one of the most iconic US technology products – actually added USD1.9 billion to the US trade deficit with China last year. 

Japan iPhone craze attracts global app developers

Japan Retail News

The iPhone's popularity in Japan is cracking open an industry long thought inaccessible to outsiders.

For years, the typical Japanese cell phone – built to operate on a network hardly used anywhere else in the world – as been stuffed with quirky games and other applications that cater to finicky local tastes. 

Tighter iPhone regulations from Unicom


If you buy an iPhone on a deal from China Unicom, the official telecom carrier that offers iPhones in the Chinese market, then you cannot split that deal. But this is what scalpers have been doing and it has allowed iPhone users to end up with China Mobile, China Unicom's giant competitor.

The new restrictions took effect last Wednesday for new customers and will not affect existing customers.

iPhone hot in China


The iPhone is hot in China and in Canada where Apple's share of the mobile market is around 12.4 percent. In France its mobile market share reaches 11.6 percent. In the UK Apple commands 10 percent of the market. In contrast, Apple's mobile market share in the US is just 6.5 percent.

In China, despite being on China Unicom, the nation's second-largest carrier with only 20 percent of the subscribers of leader China Mobile  –  there are now more than a million contract users of Apple's iPhone.

iPhone dominates Japanese smartphone market

Japan Retail News

Despite assumptions that the iPhone would struggle to achieve a foothold in Japan, a country on the cutting edge of mobile technology, the iPhone has taken the land of the rising sun by storm.

Tokyo-based research firm MMRI is reporting that the iPhone remains as popular as ever in Japan, accounting for 60.1 percent of all smartphones sold from April through September 2010. In the broader mobile phone market, the iPhone accounts for an impressive 7 percent of the Japanese mobile phone market.

iPhone 4 service with China Unicom to end rogue sales


China Unicom wants to end rogue sales of its bundled iPhone 4 packages.

The company found online deals where consumers purchase iPhone 4 services and then sell off the parts - the phone and the two-year service subscription - separately for a profit.

The iPhone 4, offered at a reduced rate through China Unicom on a two-year mobile subscription contract, includes a monthly rebate from the company if call limits are met.

Lenovo's LePhone challenges iPhone

China Economic Review

Lenovo in China is, apart from computers, one of the cellphone manufacturers. It has now released the Lenovo LePhone in the US. The LePhone is an unlocked GSM smartphone with a 1Gigahertz processor and an Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display which is in feel, if not totally in appearance, practically a clone of Apple’s iPhone.

It runs with an Android operating system and has, by all reports, an astoundingly sharp screen. Memory can be expanded to 32GB and it has Bluetooth, WiFi and everything else.

Tesco launches barcode scanner app for online orders


The UK's first barcode scanner was launched by Tesco last week, enabling householders to scan any grocery item and add it to a home delivery order instantly.

The barcode reader, which has been added to the existing Tesco Groceries app available on the iPhone, is being targeted at busy parents and time-poor professionals who want to be able to add specific items to their online shopping basket at any time rather than browsing for groceries to add to their shopping lists in the traditional way.

Apple likely to open more stores in China


Apple's handful of branded retail stores in China have become the busiest among its 317 shops worldwide, according to the maker of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

More aggressive retail expansion for Apple in China is expected amid high domestic demand for its new smartphone and media-tablet products.

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