Achieving Better Value Through Tech Convergence

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) has long been recognized as an effective deterrent against shop theft. This Acousto-Magnetic (AM) based technology has been essential in supporting retailers’ loss prevention and security strategies and till today remains an integral part of most stores.

RetailWATCH: EAS Study: Shrink Reduced With Minimal Cost

In 2012, IDC Retail Insights worked with Tyco Retail Solutions to test and assess the impacts of electronic article surveillance (EAS) on a major U.S. grocery retailer's operations. The program demonstrated that EAS technology continues to be a vital shrink-reducing tool.

Download this whitepaper via the link below.

RetailWATCH: Retailers Continue to Deploy RFID Solutions From Tyco

From tags to readers, software to professional services, Tyco Retail Solutions, a global provider of retail performance and security solutions, offers comprehensive RFID solutions to help retailers turn technology innovation into tangible business value. Tyco's RFID solutions are installed today at more than 1,000 retail stores, providing critical item-level data and insights at both the store and the enterprise level. The company is on track to double the number of store locations implementing RFID by fall 2013 based on deployments currently underway. 

RetailWATCH: Item-Level RFID: What’s In It For You?

[ Q ] Item-level RFID is proving to be a key component in delivering accurate inventory data on a consistent basis. Why is this so important for retailers today?

FMCG majors in India spend less on R&D

Business Standard

Research & development (R&D) expenditure for a few key fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies was down in the financial year ended March. This took place even as the pressure to maintain both visibility and excitement with new or improved products grew, at a time when consumer spending remained tepid.


RETAILWATCH: Omni Channel Retailing and the Importance of Inventory Intelligence

This month we want to highlight the accelerated changes taking place in retail and how savvy retailers are responding through innovative new technologies.  Worldwide and especially in Asia, consumers are now highly connected through mobile devices that they are increasingly using to “assist” and enhance their shopping experience.   The brick and mortar store is becoming just one of the elements factored in the shopper’s journey to a purchase.

RETAILWATCH: Inventory Intelligence, Key to Unlocking Omni Channel Retailing

Omni channel retailing adds the flexibility of cross-channel and mobile shopping to the unique revenue and loyalty building capabilities of the face-to-face retail experience. It offers opportunities to build deeper shopper relationships and enhances the availability promises that can be a risk due to out of stock.
Supply chain visibility and stock availability equals more revenue

Taking Stock: How physical and digital dynamics converge in omni-channel retail

The convergence of the physical and digital dynamics in the omni-channel is presenting a huge challenge to retailers, who need to make their way in the new retail landscape and create new strategies that will fit in. However, it isn't true that everything is new.

In a recent web conference entitled 'Convergence of Digital and Physical Dynamics in an Omni-channel World, IDC Retail Insights presented the complicated balancing act retailers must face in the new retail landscape to manage the colliding forces of the old and new, as well as the tools they can use to succeed.

Summer brings good news for India's FMCG companies

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The monsoons may have begun in right earnest this year bringing much-needed respite from the sweltering heat of April and May, but there were some consumer goods companies who didn't mind the hot weather at all. For them, the rising mercury levels meant roaring business after two years of suffering the pangs of a cool summer.


Consumer goods companies buck slowdown trend in Q4

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After struggling for much of FY13, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies seem to have retrieved some of the lost ground in the last quarter. The results declared by key companies for the three months ended 31 March show most firms have managed to arrest the moderation in volume growth witnessed in previous quarters.


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