Amazon drones' new rival: Deutsche Post DHL


Like Amazon, Deutsche Post DHL has been trialing unmanned aircraft to deliver packages to your front door. The biggest obstacle to delivery is governments, the group's CEO says.

Google launches fourth shopping habits analysis tool


Google has launched its fourth annual Consumer Barometer tool to provide more insight into how consumers are using digital media as part of their shopping experience.

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New in contactless payment: Fingerprint identification

Move over PINs and passwords, a new contactless payment card introduced this week by MasterCard and Zwipe uses a fingerprint sensor to authorize transactions.

The new Zwipe MasterCard payment card basically uses cardholder fingerprint data stored directly in the card - not in an external data base - for biometric authentication, which replaces the PIN entry. After activation by a simple fingerprint scan, the card can be used to make contactless payments.

RetailWATCH: Comprehensive analytics for malls and shopping centres

In-store analytics is a collection of systems working together to organize, analyse, and visualise massive amounts of diverse retail data.

The value of in-store analytics is in the deep insights it provides into retail operations and shopper behaviours. Retailers can then use those insights to implement changes in their operations to improve commercial performance and the overall customer experience.

John Lewis selects beacon tech firm Localz for investment


The John Lewis technology incubator scheme JLab has selected micro-location mobile start-up company Localz as the winner of its competition to secure GBP100,000 (USD162,422.83) of investment.

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Yelp launches HK service


Yelp, the San Francisco-based online review company, launched its service earlier on Thursday in Hong Kong’s crowded social-media market.

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India sees opportunity for e-commerce, electronic manufacturing

Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Tuesday that there is a vast opportunity for e-commerce in India if the government is successful in rollout of its Digital India project.

Websites are wary of Facebook tracking software

The Wall Street Journal Online

Online retailers and publishers are pushing back against Facebook Inc.'s efforts to track users across the Internet, fearing that the data it vacuums up to target ads will give the social network too much of an edge.

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Carlsbeg goes 'GloCal' with Office 365

The Carlsberg Group has introduced a vision for business it calls “GloCal,” which aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots and technology is playing a big role in enabling this vision.

The company said it is deploying Microsoft Office 365 to implement a complete productivity and collaboration solution that employees can use to connect with each other.

Taking Stock: Big Chill readies for big growth with cloud-based ERP

Blended shakes made from fresh fruits are getting big among Manila's increasingly health conscious chill crowd. In shopping malls, university kiosks and office buildings, Big Chill and Fresh Bar are also providing healthy meal options, including fresh salads, healthy pasta, gourmet soups, and sandwiches.

Though still an emerging food service beverage concept, it is preparing for the takeoff in a big way. It recently deployed a cloud-based business management tool from NetSuite to support business growth and expansion plans.

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