Amazon drones' new rival: Deutsche Post DHL


Like Amazon, Deutsche Post DHL has been trialing unmanned aircraft to deliver packages to your front door. The biggest obstacle to delivery is governments, the group's CEO says.

Taking Stock: Building an omni-channel, data-rich experience

Companies like Amazon, iTunes and Net-a-Porter conduct all their business online. Traditional retailers, however, have an added challenge. They have to transition from being solely brick-and-mortar businesses to providing an integrated omni-channel experience that is able to leverage new technologies.

Trendy International Group deploys warehouse management technology

China’s fashion retailer Trendy International Group is implementing Manhattan’s Warehouse Management solution at its distribution centers (DCs) in Shunde and Tianjin.

Cybercriminals getting ready to shop

With the share of online sales from personal computers, smartphones or tablets growing every year, cybercrime activities are also on the rise.

Security firm Imperva said that this year’s Imperva Web Application Attack Report (WAAR #5) indicated that retail web applications suffer twice as many SQL injections than other web aplications. The top three attack types were SQL injection, Directory Traversal and Cross-Site Scripting.

MasterCard eyes new standards in online payment

MasterCard has outlined its vision for online payments beyond passwords that would benefit merchants and consumers alike. This new authentication standard, when adopted, will be the largest wholesale upgrade to online payment security.

The company has been leading the co-creation of a new authentication standard and its approach is to utilize richer cardholder data, which will result in far fewer password interruptions at the point of sale.

Rakuten launches flea market app Rakuma

Rakuten launched on Monday a new flea market app that will enable transactions between individuals via smartphone.

The iOS version of the app, Rakuma, is now available for download but the Android version of the app will launch on 25 November 25.

Rakuten said the app enables users to buy and sell items just like in a real flea market environment.

Study: B2B suppliers investing in e-commerce for better buyer experience

Business-to-business (B2B) suppliers are expanding their e-commerce platforms and overall omni-channel capability to provide better purchasing experiences for business buyers.

This was the key finding of a new study entitled "“Building The B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform Of The Future,” conducted by Forrester Consulting in North America, France, Germany and the United Kingdom on behalf of Accenture and hybrid.

According to the study, 52 percent of business buyers expect at least half of their purchases to be made online in three years’ time.

Expert Opinion: Make this holiday season brighter with analytics

Omni-channel retailing is set to become the central force shaping the future of e-commerce all over the world. Now, consumers can purchase virtually anything they want anytime from anywhere – from the Internet to social media to mobile devices to good old brick and mortar stores. As a result of today’s multichannel approach to retail, chain stores now have access to a massive collection of customer data that hasn’t existed until recently.

E-commerce health check – online retail success story: HealthPost

HealthPost is one of New Zealand's top online suppliers of natural health, skincare and household products. The family-owned company began as a one-person catalogue mail order operation in 1988, supplying products to the domestic market. An early adopter of e-commerce, it grew substantially and now employs more than 60 people, sending products around the world. CEO Abel Butler said HealthPost replicated its printed catalogue online in 2002, believing e-commerce was a good fit for the company.

Customer acquisition strategies drive big data analytics in retail

With the ability to analyze large volumes of unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources, the use of big data in retail is getting big, spurred by the need to understand customer specific behaviors ad buying patterns.

New analysis from research firm Frost & Sullivan, “Big Data in Retail,” finds that analytics will be applied in front-end as well as back-end applications in retail.

It said the aim of every retailer is to integrate data from multiple channels to provide an omni-channel experience for the customer.

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