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Let’s get physical – Amazon goes bricks’n mortar

It’s turning online commerce on its head: is reportedly planning to open its first physical store, a move that could mark a key strategic shift for a retailer that has been a pioneer of e-commerce.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Amazon will open a bricks-and-mortar shop in Manhattan in time for the Christmas shopping season and that it will be a place for customers to return products, make exchanges or pick up their online orders. The Journal’s report says it is possible that the New York outpost will also act as a showroom for flagship Amazon products such as the Kindle or Fire smartphone.

If Amazon opens the site, it would be one of the most vivid examples yet of retailers’ intense focus on implementing what’s known as an "omnichannel" strategy, one that relies on both bricks-and-mortar and digital presences that are seamlessly integrated.

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